Sickle Cell Disease in Children and Adolescents

Sickle Cell Disease in Children and Adolescents:  Diagnosis, Guidelines for care and Protocols for Management of Acute
and Chronic Complications
I.  Screening & Diagnosis
II.  Initial Evaluation (First Visit)
III.  Follow-up
IV.  Preventive Measures
  • Table 1 – Pneumococcal Vaccines
  • Table 2 – Meningococcal Vaccines
  • Table 3 – Haemophilius Influenza type B (Hib) Vaccines
  • Table 4 – Influenza Vaccines
V.      Fever
VI.        Pain
VII.       Acute Chest Syndrome
VIII.      Surgery
IX.        Acute Splenic Sequestration
X.         Aplastic Crisis
XI.        Acute Stroke or Neurologic Event
XII.       Priapism
XIII.      Choleithiasis
XIV.     Chronic Transfusion
XV.      Hydroxyurea
XVI.     References
XVII.    Appendix 1 – Schedule for Baseline Studies at Diagnosis and Follow up
XVIII.   Appendix 2 – Sickle Cell Anemia Monitoring Checklist
XIX.     Appendix 3 – Parent Letter
XX.      Appendix 4 – Pre-Printed Physician orders for:

  Link to Sickle Cell Guidelines - April 2015

  Link to Quick Reference Guideline - 2015

Pre-Printed Order Forms

The IWK Health Centre Pre-printed Orders were developed by IWK Health Centre health professionals to assist in the care of children in their facility.  Format and content of the orders will change as they are reviewed and revised on a periodic basis.  They are included with APPHON supportive care guidelines as a reference to assist health professionals involved in the shared care of children with cancer or a hematological disorder.  Any physician or health professional using these orders as a reference will be responsible for verifying doses, and administering medications and care according to their own institutional formularies and policies and acceptable standards of care.