Chemo Admin Competency Checklist



Pediatric Chemotherapy Administration Clinical

Competency Checklist 


Competency statement:The nurse will administer chemotherapy and post care in a safe and therapeutic manner in accordance with APPHON/ROHPPA pediatric chemotherapy administration standards.

Clinical competency must be initially verified by at least three supervised chemotherapy administrations and include administration of at least one vesicant. Clinical competency must be shown in the following aspects, reflective of the level of care the nurse will provide at his/her institution* [IV infusion and IV push of vesicants and non-vesicants via CVAL, IV infusion of non-vesicants peripherally, IM administration, SQ administration, and oral administration], and institutional policies. A nurse who will administer vesicants peripherally must have an additional initial supervision of a peripherally administered vesicant. Supervision must be by a competent chemotherapy administration supervisor** at the nurse’s institution [or a designated provincial or intraprovincial assessor], using this APPHON chemotherapy administration clinical competency checklist.

To demonstrate continued clinical competency in chemotherapy administration the nurse will complete an annual supervised administration by a competent chemotherapy provider or chemotherapy administration supervisor 

APPHON/ROHPPA Pediatric Chemotherapy Administration Clinical Competency Checklist

Pediatric Chemotherapy Administration Standards and Competencies for Practice and Education (Atlantic Provinces Pediatric Hematology Oncology Network [APPHON]/Réseau d'Oncologie Hématologie Pédiatriques des Provinces Atlantiques [ROHPPA])

Chemotherapy Administration Tracking Sheet