Our Mission and Goals


Our Mission

APPHON/ROHPPA acts as a vehicle for communication, education, advocacy, and development of standards by and for member organizations, groups and individuals to achieve shared goals of comprehensive health services and clinical care, education and research related to the health care of children with hematologic or oncologic disorders and for their families.

Our Goals

The members of APPHON/ROHPPA will collaborate, communicate, and advocate responsibly within a comprehensive, evidence-based health system for children and youth with cancer or hematologic disorder, and for the families of these children and youth.


  • be Atlantic provinces-wide, child and family centered, and support the shared health care of these children; 
  • function as a collaborative voice for issues related to pediatric hematology/ oncology care;  
  • be guided by appropriate international/national standards and guidelines as well as by cooperatively developed regional and local standards and guidelines related to pediatric hematology/oncology care;  
  • promote striving to meet or exceed national standards of health care for children with cancer or hematologic disorder;  
  • facilitate provision of care based appropriately in health care centres, communities and home environments;  
  • advocate for needed resources and changes required to improve the outcomes of children and youth with cancer or hematologic disorder;  
  • address appropriate comprehensive and continuing care including transition of long-term follow-up for adult survivors of childhood cancer or hematologic disorder;  
  • promote, facilitate, participate in and develop education programs for the public, patients, families, volunteers, health professionals and trainees in all aspects of pediatric malignant and hematologic disorders;  
  • act as a clearinghouse for information related to practices, outcomes, treatment protocols, care delivery systems, research and education programs for children and youth with cancer or hematologic disorder. APPHON will maintain a resource directory of materials and sources related to pediatric hematologic/oncologic comprehensive health care;  
  • conduct, participate in and enhance Atlantic provinces-based clinical and basic science research related to pediatric hematology/oncology;  
  • continually evaluate the functioning of APPHON in facilitating improvement in the system for pediatric hematology/ oncology health care in the Atlantic provinces;  
  • participate in technology assessment and evaluation of new and innovative systems, technologies and procedures supporting the health of children and youth with cancer or hematologic disorder.